Closet Design Tool – How To Design A Clothes Closet?

Closet Design Tool

How to design a clothes closet

Making changes to our living spaces – even those changes we think are little ones, like using a closet design tool to reorganize a clothes closet – can turn into big headaches. When we attempt to organize and refine the space in which we live, we are often faced with more challenges than those lucky individuals who get to design their homes from the ground up. We must retro-fit and work around somebody else’s idea of what a perfect home or apartment looks like. Easy? Not so much.

Closet Design ToolThe good news is this; designing a custom clothes closet which meets your own particular needs is easier than ever before. With the advent of the internet, we have access to the information we need to create just about anything including a functional airplane. Naturally, then, there are design tools available online today which can make the re-vamping of a clothes closet easier and far more effective than you would have ever imagined possible. By using these design tools which offer a vast array of optional closet components from wire bins to drawers and shelves, one can create a functional closet which maximizes the space you have regardless of the size or shape of the area you’re transforming.

One such design device is the Ikea closet design tool which can be downloaded at the Ikea website. (If you’re designing other spaces, also download the Ikea design tool for kitchens and other rooms in your home. It is free and fun to use.)

The closet design tool Home Depot offers is the Visual Storage Planner by Closet Maid.  This planner is particularly useful if you are planning for clothes storage which will be used by children or individuals with special needs. Their design gallery is available online to spark your own creativity or, if yours happens to be on vacation, you can use their custom design service and to allow Closet Maid’s organizational experts tackle the challenge.

Home improvement giant Lowe’s also offers a tool in the shape of a step-by-step closet design wizard which will take the challenges out of organizational design so that even novices can create a beautiful and functional new closet in no time.

This is by no means the entire list of closet organization companies and outlets available today. Each of these sites offers a gallery of closet design ideas sure to inspire you beyond your bedroom closet. Using a closet organization tool can give you ideas for your utility room, your kitchen or bath, making your world a little less cluttered and a whole lot less stressful. Garages and their usual clutter can even be hammered into submission in a weekend in order to provide the man of the house or the crafty member of the family a more organized and useful workspace.

A clothes closet, when designed well with a closet organization tool to include drawers and shelves, can help to maximize bedroom space by eliminating the need for chests of drawers and other bedroom furniture. Such a practical space can eliminate clutter and give your rooms a more open, airy feeling which is especially useful in smaller rooms and confined spaces. These small spaces can be made to be multi-functional with just a little planning. By adding a clothes hamper component to your bathroom linen closet, you can eliminate the clunky old hamper with a newer, portable one.

If you are designing a child’s closet, you have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a “teachable moment” with your youngster. By allowing them to take part in the design process and planning the places where they will store their clothes and treasures, you may also inspire them to actually put their clothes, shoes, baseball mitts and football helmets where they belong! (Hope springs eternal.)

Depending upon your project budget and your personal preferences, you will be able to find closet components in any number of finishes made from a variety of materials from plastic to wood. Each of the component parts are designed to work with the other modular pieces to provide you with precisely the functionality you need.

But, you wonder, who will install this impressive looking closet now that I’ve designed it? You will, of course! Another exciting challenge awaits you when the component parts (along with their very specific, graphic instructions) are delivered. In a matter of hours with tools no more exotic than a hammer, a screwdriver and a power drill, you can install your closet components easily.

As any realtor will tell you, well designed work and storage spaces increase the resale value of your home. By making a relatively small investment in time and money by designing and installing your new, improved closet, you will be winning the short term and the long-term game. Maybe better yet, there is something very satisfying about being able to fling open the doors to your new closet for the neighbors to see. By using a closet design tool, your results will look so entirely professional, you’ll become a neighborhood legend and your spouse will beam with pride at your accomplishment.

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